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Bulgaria is the Silicon Valley of Europe.


Good business climate, technical expertise and young motivated workforce – those are all patterns Bulgaria has become popular with in the recent several years. According to Tom Quigley – CEO at The Emerging Europe Alliance, Bulgaria is one of the most progressive countries across CEE when it comes to outsourcing.

Bulgaria-ChartBeing a strategic crossing point between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria has recently begun to shape itself as the most prospering IT outsourcing destinations in Europe.

Right in the center of Bulgaria you will find Plovdiv – our second-largest city and one of the oldest continually inhabited places in Europe.

And here is where GOT IT is located – in the heart of breathtaking Plovdiv. Being a specialized IT services company, it focuses its efforts in technology consulting, software development, as well as development of end-to-end IT. Since its establishment, it has proven itself as number 1 IT company in the region.

Why chose Bulgaria and exactly Plovdiv to develop your business? Below you will find the answer to this question and many more provided by Kalin Diev – CEO of Got IT.


TOP 7 FACTORS why Bulgaria became the most favorable ground for IT Outsourcing in Eastern Europe.

  1. Capable people with serious experience in the technology fields.
  2. Strong educational system that excels in engineering.
  3. Good language
  4. A highly qualified, motivated and flexible labor force.
  5. Cultural proximity to the Western business world in terms of business attitude and ethics.
  6. Geographical proximity to Central and Western Europe, and EU member states.
  7. Significant number of large international companies that have chosen Bulgaria as a suitable destination for outsourcing.

But there is one more factor worth mentioning, something which time has proven.

We Bulgarians love to welcome guests and friends in our homes where they will have a wonderful meal with plenty of drinks, laughter and a remarkable time. We are warm and caring people in our core traditions. So, exactly this trait – placed through a business perspective brings us to the personal touch.

When we work with overseas clients, we want to show and give them our best. Challenges motivate us and we are ready to shift working hours and go the extra mile in order to make our friends, clients and partners feel in good hands.


Why a company from the USA should outsource its services in Bulgaria?

As professionals say, “Outsourcing can be defined as the strategic use of external resources to perform actions usually handled by internal ones”.

So, we can say that outsourcing is a strategy, where an organization contracts out key functions to specialized and efficient service providers who ultimately become valued business partners.

Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Reducing and controlling operating costs (the largest driver)
  • Improving company focus
  • Gaining access to world-class competences
  • Freeing internal resources for other purposes
  • Streamlining or increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions
  • Maximizing use of external resources
  • Sharing risks with a partner company


How Bulgaria’s outsourcing services are better than those of its competitors?

Here we can outline 3 key words – quality, traditions and professionalism.

Bulgaria has a known tradition in the IT industry. We were one of the largest PC manufacturers during the Communist era. Let’s also not forget the fact that the first digital computer was developed by prof. John Vincent Atanasoff (Bulgarian), in collaboration with Cliff Berry (American) in the Iowa State College in 1942.

Ever since, the ICT sector has been gradually developing and paving its way to the global mark.

Moreover, there are small things, making a big difference such as:

  • Good language skills
  • Moderate time difference
  • Fast internet speed
  • Hardworking and highly qualified people
  • Excelled code


As a CEO of GOT IT, what do you think is the most significant achievement for the company since its establishment? 

For the 2 years we are operating, we did achieve couple of important things. But we definitely have a most significant one and this is our growing team.

I believe the most important asset for a company is the united team of professionals, ready to tackle any challenge. We invest in the well-being of our employees, by providing a friendly environment where everyone feels good. Our developers come to the office every day eager to work, to learn and to have fun.

This is going to be our goal for the future, as we grow – never to forget our most important asset the people.


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