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Mobile app development – FAQ


Time for your company to have its own app? This piece will help you in the process.

Investing in a mobile strategy has become inevitable those days. According to latest research, around 90% of the average user’s time is spent on mobile apps and just 10% on browsers. The existence of over 5 million mobile apps has made mobile app for business owners a must-have.

At GOT IT we have identified that although many companies are planning to build their app, a large number of them don’t know where to start from.

This article will give you the answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions which non-programmers need to understand when they plan their mobile strategy:

  1. What are the main types of applications?
  2. How many and what specialists would I need to develop an app?
  3. Who will be my app clients?


To start with, you should know that there are three main types of applications and almost all existing apps fall into one of those 3 categories. Those are native apps, cross-platform apps and hybrid apps.

Look at the differences between them:

Native apps are written and optimized for a specific mobile operation system – Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Cross-platform apps – apps built in way which is compatible with multiple mobile operating systems.

Hybrid mobile apps – they combine elements of native and web-based apps and are designed for platforms including Xamarin, Angular Mobile Sencha Touch and others.

Whether to build your application as native, cross-platform or hybrid is a complicated process which involves a lot of factors and careful consideration.

Look at a table comparing some major differences between the three:


For the success of an application you would need a team of at least 5 specialists:

Of course – we can’t go anywhere unless we attract a tech-savvy to our team. They should be experienced in working with the most common platforms for app building as well as their languages.

Project Manager
A proven multitasker! A good fit would possess solid technical background, industry knowledge as well as interest in human resources.

The role of the designer here is not that simple. Apart from improving the look and feel of the app, they need to think of all the navigation mechanisms of the app as well as its wireframes.

Quality Assurance
The first audience of the finished product. They test the app and bear responsibility for the final modifications before the app release to the market.

Sales & Marketing
If you want your app to gain some profit eventually, you should really think about the sales & marketing guy. Here you would need someone creative and talkative genius to work on your product brand and crate the selling materials for you.


Before hitting the market with your app, there is one important step you must take – do a careful market research. Think about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors as well as their strategies.

Define a set of questions related to your app and ask as many people as possible about their opinion.
The main goal of market research is to determine the unique way you will position your brand in the market.

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Created by Georgi Stoyanov

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